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From TPT Labs to Bear Wood Labs

The TPT Labs name caused confusion with visitors. The new name of this website will be Bear Wood Labs. Any links from will be automatically redirected to the new website in the coming week.

The long story
I have been with Teachers Pay Teachers for over 3 years, but only become active middle of October 2017 again. Pretty soon I realised that I needed a better editor when creating descriptions for my products. Others also seemed to have the same problem. I created a website that I wanted to put some of these tools on that would help other TPT sellers. I called it TPT Labs.

Some buyers started asking for a PRO version of the two tools on TPT Labs, to make it easier for those that had a lot of descriptions to edit. Shortly after releasing it though, a buyer commented that they didn't know if this was from TeachersPayTeachers or another TPT seller. It's the first time I came across this, and realised there might be others that could be confused about this too. I e-mailed TeachersPayTeachers about using the name TPT Labs. They were very gracious in their response, but asked me not to use the name as it might confuse buyers who visit the page (which had clearly happened).

In hindsight, I clearly made a mistake picking the name TPT Labs. If you were confused by the name, I apologise. This website's main purpose is to help other TPT sellers with tools, but it has no affiliation to Teachers Pay Teachers whatsoever. I also want to thank the buyer who raised this issue in the first place. I would still be living in my unawareness bubble.

I will continue to share tools that I find useful on my TPT journey on this new website Bear Wood Labs.

Thank you for being part of that journey