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Create an auto-fillable PDF in Powerpoint with Flat Pack

Autofillable PDFs: enter text in one form field, and it auto populates other form fields
Download the example: Multiplication Autofill PDF | Powerpoint Multiplication Template


In this example we will create an auto fillable multiplication worksheet. You type in a number in the first and second box, and then the PDF is auto populated with these two numbers on the second and third page. It's a quick way to generate a couple of multiplication or math worksheets.

PS. you can try this for free at any time using the FlatPack Preview

Main things to understand for autofillable PDFs

The two main things to understand when creating auto fillable PDFs are:

Key Insight #1 In order for a PDF to be editable, it needs to have form fields

Key Insight #2 In order for a form field to automatically have the same value as another form field, they need to share the same form field name.

How to use FlatPack to create autofillable PDFs
Step 1: Change the textboxes to form fields and assign a name

Step 2: Use the same form field name on the second slide for all textboxes
  • Go to the second slide
  • Select all the textboxes
  • Click on convert to form field
  • Change the name of all of them at once to number1
Step 3: Duplicate the slide and change form field names
Step 4: Create the PDF and preview it