Is sending a note to followers worth it?

The experiment

I wanted to find out if it is worthwhile sending out a note to all my followers. I have around 580 followers on TPT at the time of this writing. I was very skeptical before sending out this note, mainly due to:

  • I know that the note to followers doesn’t go to anyone’s e-mail address, but just your TPT inbox
  • I have also been told by numerous sellers, that they themselves never read them
  • My audience consists mostly of TPT sellers, which doesn’t bode well for the end result

The design

I designed my note with the Bearwood Labs Note to Followers. You can watch how I designed it below.

Analytics setup

For this experiment to be successful, I wanted to track as much as possible. I did the following in order to understand how the note did better:

  • I changed the main video link in my note from a normal link to a link. This would enable me to track how many of my followers would click on the link.
  • I also inserted a Google Analytics Image tracking pixel into my note to followers. Tracking pixels allow you to see how many times an e-mail is opened for example.

The result

Drum rolls … How did the note actually do?

Firstly, the bad news
I learnt that unfortunately, the Google Image Tracking Pixel is unreliable for tracking Note to Followers. Due to the way that TPT loads the Notes page, I got an “Open” event in my Google Analytics tracker every time someone just loaded the inbox page.

The good news
Well, from my perspective it did much, much better than I had expected. The note to followers resulted in about 30 clicks. That is a higher click rate than some of my e-mails I send out! It also resulted in two more subscribers to the Bearwood Labs Youtube Channel.

What about you?

I would love to hear how your next note to followers goes. Will it be worthwhile for you to send? After my short experiment I can honestly say, I believe it really is worth it.