Flat Pack for Powerpoint

You have watched about a million Youtube videos, read all the blog posts in the galaxy, asked a dozen times on the forums and facebooks groups, but still wondering if you are doing this “securing” and “flattening” thing correctly?

Eventually you stumble on the one blog post that describes a 20 step process. You follow each step diligently, but now you suddenly have to deal with links that are not clickable anymore. And worst of all the image quality has suddenly gone from great to unrecognizable blurry! What part of the 20 step process did you leave out?

And after you have spent hours going through this process, your customers now ask you to make it an editable PDF?! Is it really worth all this drama.

What if there was a better way?

What if there was a one click option within Powerpoint to generate a flattened and secured PDF? The same encryption and security would be applied as Adobe Acrobat Pro does, but without the complexities and cost.

What if you could choose which object you do not want to flatten? This would leave the hyperlinks clickable and the animations still playing.

What if you could make the PDFs automatically editable by automatically converting certain text boxes within Powerpoint to PDF form fields?

Flat Pack for Powerpoint

It is designed specifically for TPT Sellers in mind. It will do the following:

Think about all the extra time you can now invest in making more products instead of the laborious process of securing.

How does it work?

Flat Pack installs as a PowerPoint add-in, so you can convert any of your existing PowerPoint files immediately into flattened, secured Powerpoints or PDFs. Take a look below

Flat Pack example

Flat Pack flattening and securing

Take note how everything is flattened and secured in the above example, except the textbox that was selected to be [Do Not Flatten].

What do you get when you purchase Flat Pack?

✔ Setup file that will add Flat Pack as an add-in to your PowerPoint
✔ A Personal License enabling you to use Flat Pack wherever you create your resources from
✔ An extra Free Bonus Lesson that will show you how to create an editable, autofillable PDF with Flat Pack
✔ Personal Support from me for any question that you might have
✔ Most importantly, you get back your time that you would spend on securing and flattening


What does flattening mean?
When you design something in PowerPoint each object can be selected, moved around, copied and edited. The process of flattening means that these objects can flattened into one image.

What does securing a PDF mean?
In short it means the PDF is encrypted. You can choose whether those who open the PDF can print or edit it (with a few more advanced options).

Why should I flatten and secure in the first place?
If you are using some clipart or font that says you have to flatten, you are bound to their terms of use. By flattening and securing, you will also make it more difficult for anyone to simply copy and use some parts of your work to resell it.

How do I make editable Powerpoints?
Making editable powerpoints, means that you don’t flatten certain objects. For example if you want a textbox to still be editable, in FlatPack you would click on Do Not Flatten and when the PowerPoint is generated the textbox will remain editable.

How do I make editable PDFs?
Making editable PDFs, means that there are form fields for a user to change certain text. For example if you want a textbox to be converted to a form field in FlatPack you would click on Conver to Form Field and when the PDF is generated the textbox will change to an editable Form Field in PDF.

Do I still need Adobe Acrobat Pro?
If you want to merge or combine or do anything more advanced with your PDFs, you will still need Adobe Acrobat Pro. If you only used Adobe Acrobat Pro for securing and creating form fields, FlatPack will be enough.

System Requirements

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