PDF Link Fix for PowerPoint Mac

There is an issue with PowerPoint for Mac when you export any PDF. All the links on images / objects do not work in the final PDF. The work arounds (by re-inserting links with another product) all take time.

PDF Link Fix addresses this issue. It creates a new button in PowerPoint for you. When you click on Create PDF, it will export the PDF just as it does before, and automatically adds all the links from the PowerPoint into the final PDF.


What happens when I install the add-in? After you install the add-in a new button with the label “Create PDF” is added to PowerPoint. Clicking on the button will create the PDF with all the links in tact.

Do I still need Adobe Acrobat Pro?
If you want to merge or combine or do anything more advanced with your PDFs, you will still need Adobe Acrobat Pro. This add-in simply allows you to not have to re-insert the links again in Adobe Acrobat afterwards.

System Requirements