Puzzle Maker for PowerPoint

Create puzzles in PowerPoint with a click of a button.

How does it work?

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Step 1: Insert an image
  • After you have installed the add-in, a new Puzzle Add-in tab is created in PowerPoint
  • Click on Insert Image in the Puzzle tab
Step 2: Create Puzzle
  • Choose the puzzle style: (Jigaw or Straight)
  • Fill in how many rows and columns of puzzle pieces you would like to have
  • Click OK
  • The image is converted to puzzle pieces
Step 3: Customise the shapes (optional)
  • Choose a shape outline
  • Choose a shape color
  • Make it 3D
Step 4: Publish options
  • print out the slide and cut out the puzzle pieces
  • share the PowerPoint slide with your class / team to try and complete
  • convert it to a Google Slide and share with your class
Optional Steps
  • Shuffle the pieces with a click of a button
  • Reset the pieces by clicking on “Solve”

Example puzzle sets created with Puzzle Maker


What type of puzzles can I create?
You can choose between jigsaw puzzle and “straight” puzzle pieces at this point in time. The jigsaw puzzle pieces can be seen with the example 1 and example 3 above. The straight puzzle piece can be seen with example 2 above.

What else can I customise?
You can choose how many pieces you want to create. This add-in will convert each puzzle piece into a shape, which means you have the full power of PowerPoint at your disposal to change each shape / outline / 3D / color to the way you want it.

What do I do with the final PowerPoint puzzle?
You can either

  1. print it out and cut out the shapes
  2. shuffle the pieces leave it as a PowerPoint file for your team / class to complete
  3. convert it into a Google Slides file and share to have your team / class solve it

Is there a refund guarantee?
On all the products at Bearwood Labs, if you are not 100% happy with your purchase for whatever reason, you will get a full refund`.

System Requirements

  • Windows: PowerPoint 2010 or newer
  • Mac: PowerPoint 2016 or newer

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