TPT Store Link - PowerPoint Add-in

Insert any of your TPT products into PowerPoint with one click


Insert Products into PowerPoint

Insert products into PowerPoint
  • After installing the add-in a new tab in PowerPoint appears
  • Click on “Insert products”
  • Select the product(s) you want to add into PowerPoint
  • Choose the layout - 2 product(s) per slide
  • If you choose more than 2 products, more slides will automatically be created for you
  • Click OK
  • the product’s cover image is inserted, as well as the link to the product

Use customisable placeholders

You can customise how and where products should be inserted into a slide. This allows you to create product catalogues, custom advertising slides etc.

Insert into placeholders
  • Click on “Insert Image Placeholder”
  • Click on “Insert Title Placeholder”
  • In the title placeholders, enter add $price$ as text
  • Copy these placeholders to where you want them in the slide
  • Change any styles on the placeholders
  • Click on “Insert Products” and select the products you want to insert
  • The products will automatically fill all placeholders
  • If you choose more products than available placeholders, more slides will automatically be created for you

Give credit to other TPT stores (i.e. clipartists). This inserts TPT store logos and links to the store.

Insert TPT Stores and their logos
  • Click on “Insert TPT Stores”
  • Select the stores you want to give credit to
  • You can add more stores to the selection list by going to the Preferences tab


What are the pre-requisites?

  • Mac
    Will run on any Mac version. Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2016 or newer.

  • Windows
    Any Windows version. PowerPoint 2010 or newer.

Is there a refund policy?
If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason you can request a full refund.