Wordsearch Creator

Create wordsearches for PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Slides and PDFs

How does it work?

Try it out now for free for non-commercial use


Where are my wordsearches stored?
All crosswords are stored in your browser and not on our servers. This means if you do swap computers or browsers, your crosswords will not automatically appear there.

What is the difference between commercial and non-commerncial license?
If you plan on only using these wordsearches in your classroom or non-commercial use, you don&apo;t need to buy a seperate license at the moment. If however you want to sell these wordsearches or include them in a commercial product, you have to buy a license.

Do these wordsearches work in Keynote or Google Slides?
Yes. Even though they are downloaded as pptx files, you can open them in Google Slides or Keynote with no problem.

System Requirements

  • You can generate wordsearch from Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari
  • The wordsearches generated are PowerPoint files that can be opened in PowerPoint, Google Slides or Keynote

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