Create an editable Bingo Card PDF Game with Flat Pack

Bingo Preview
Bingo Preview with filled in answers Bingo Preview Second Page with filled in answers

Autofillable PDFs: enter text in one form field, and it auto populates other form fields

This lesson shows you how to create an auto fillable Bingo PDF Template with Powerpoint and Flat Pack.

However, even if you don’t have Flat Pack, the core principles you will learn about PDF form fields will apply to any product.

The core principles you will learn about

☆ What are editable PDFs
☆ What are auto fillable PDFs
☆ PDF Form settings that you can use

What is included in this lesson

☆ 15-page Step-by-step PDF Booklet
☆ Preview version of Flat Pack
☆ Powerpoint Bingo Template used to create the final PDF
☆ The final Bingo PDF Template
☆ Flat Pack can only be used on a Windows Machine at this point in time.

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