Create an interactive time telling activity for Google Slides

This step-by-step video will show you how to create a time telling activity for Google Slides. Students will be able to either draw in their answers (using the line tool in Google Slides) or drag and drop the correct answer. We will be making use of features of both Power Pack and Flat Pack just to speed some tasks up.

This is what the final activity looks like. You can also try it out here.

Telling time

Step 1: Create the grid of clocks

In this step we will create the grid of clocks for the first slide. We will use the arrange to grid feature of Power Pack and the grouping function in PowerPoint.

  1. Insert the empty clock face image
  2. Insert a new textbox above the image for the time
  3. Select both the textbox and the image
  4. Press Ctrl + G or Right-Click and press Group
  5. Use the Arrange to Grid feature in PowerPack to create a grid of clocks
  6. Make 2 Rows and 3 Columns
  7. The margins between the rows is 30, and the margins between the columns is 110
  8. Insert a textbox at the bottom of the slide for the instructions
Creating the grid of clocks

Step 2: Create the draggable clocks

For the second slide we want to make it a bit easier for the student. They won’t have to draw the answer, but rather just drag the correct answer into the answer shape.

  1. Insert the empty clock face image into a new blank slide
  2. Insert a new circle shape (any size)
  3. Select the image first and then the circle shape whilst holding Ctrl on the keyboard
  4. In order for the circle shape to be the exact same size as the clock face, go the the Power Pack tab. Click on “Same Size”. Make sure the keep aspect ratio is not on. This will make the circle shape the exact same size as the image. It will act as our answer placeholder
  5. Drag the circle shape to the center of the slide
  6. Change the circle shape format to have a dashed outline and a gray fill color
Same size shape clock

Step 4: Draw answers on the draggable clocks

  1. Make two more copies of the draggable clock
  2. Use the black rectangle shapes to draw answers on the clocks
  3. Importantly, in order for the whole clock to be draggable, we select the black rectangle shapes together with the clock face image and group them as one shape (Ctrl + G or Right click - Group). This will ensure the whole shape can be moved together
Draw time answers on individual clocks

Step 5: Lock objects that should not be editable / moveable

When we are in Google Slides, we want certain elements to be locked. The clocks on the second slide should still be draggable, but everything is should be locked down. The way we do that is by creating an image of all the locked down items, and setting them as the background of the slide. With Flat Pack you select the draggable clocks, click on Do not flatten. Then Create PPT and the whole PowerPoint will be flattened in a new file.

Step 6: Import into Google Slides

Finally we can import this into Google Slides.

  1. Create a new Presentation in Google Slides
  2. File -> Import Slides
  3. Upload the PowerPoint presentation you just created
  4. Select all the slides
  5. Click on Import
Draw time answers on individual clocks


At this point you can make any final adjustments in Google Slides and the resource is ready to be shared with your class.

Have fun!